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Firth of Clyde Forum

Clydebelt has participated in theFirth of Clyde Forum since it started. We support those in the Firth of Clyde Forum who want the riverside from Clydebank to Helensburgh to be designated to give special protection for wildlife as well as access for walking along the riverside.

The Firth of Clyde Forum has produced a voluntary Integrated Management Strategy and Action Plan for the Firth of Clyde. There are proposals for nature conservation and to give special protection for wildlife. There is also a proposal "to promote appropriate access to the waterfront as a high priority in decisions of land use change, for all shoreline sites, except those where exclusive access is an essential requirement of the development". Clydebelt prefers access to walk all along the shore.

One feature of the Glasgow and Clyde Valley Structure Plan is the proposal of a Clyde Waterfront Initiative "to reclaim the Clyde waterfront for Communities and to restore the reputation of the Clyde as a centre of economic activity and high-tech quality economic productivity" by, among other things, "developing mixed use developments, including up to 500 additional houses ... in particular at ... Clydebank and Dumbarton" and "linking the Green Network through the heart of the Metropolitan area". Scottish Enterprise-Dunbarton have commissioned plans for the area between the Clyde and Dumbarton Rd. from Clydebank to Erskine Ferry Road. The forthcoming Clydebank Local Plan makes provision for these developments.

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