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Clydebelt tries to be legal, decent, honest and truthful, and has made every effort to present fair opinions and accurate facts. Please email or write to us about any corrections.

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Influencing planning policy

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Clydebelt has sought to influence public policy and planning.

Most recent issues

Clydebelt made its response to the 2006 draft WDC Local Plan on 29-3-06, and to the finalised Draft on 15-11-2007. We were pleased with much of it but objected to some items, including removal of green belt from Auchentoshan and elsewhere. See our comments and the Council's responses

The Future of Greenbelts. A new Scottish Planning Policy on green belts was released for public consultation on 5th August 2005. The draft document was out for consultation until October 2005.
Clydebelt delegated someone to join members of other green belt groups to submit a document to the Executive during policy formation, and to comment on the draft new policy. On 27-4-06 the Executive announced the final version of the new Scottish Planning Policy (SPP) 21: Green Belts.

In November 2006 we emailed Constituency and Regional MSPs. We asked them, in the final reading of the Planning Bill, to favour a community right of appeal, or failing that to support the amendment for community group notification. We did not believe that any mechanisms for greater public consultation would make it unnecessary to enable the communities' right to challenge planning decisions that are, eg, seriously contrary to Regional and Local Plans, or from which the local council will gain financially, or are strongly disputed between officials, councillors and local groups. Local communities need to be treated fairly in the planning system.
But the amendment was defeated.

Archive stories

Clydebank 1993 Local Plan and Public Inquiry

1999-2003 Clydebank Local Plan review

2000 Structure Plan for the West of Scotland Metropolitan Area, and changes proposed in 2005

Firth of Clyde Forum

Clydebelt presented concerns on Green Belt and housing to the Public Inquiry into the Clydebank Local Plan 4 - 21 Nov 2003. We won some and lost some. Most disputed sites will remain as Green Belt, but not land at Cochno Road, now scheduled for 40 houses. See 2004 policy emerging after the Inquiry on Green Belt, Scenic Areas and Sustainable Development and on housing.

Consultation ended on 20th June 2005 on draft alterations to the Joint Structure Plan 2000 for the Glasgow and the Clyde Valley. From our full response: we objected to the requirement for Dumbarton to contribute to the growth of housing for the wider G&CV area; the plan should decide what size of windfarm is "significant" (below which, if outwith designated areas, it would not be seen as a departure from the plan); we objected that part of the Kilpatrick Hills will be designated as a "potential area of search for windfarms".

Consultations end on 4th December 2005 on further alterations to the Structure Plan following the consultations earlier in the year. They have improved the policy on Renewable Energy from Wind Sources by adding 20 MW Wind Turbine Capacity to the Scales of Development likely to be Significant. We are glad that they no longer indicate a potential area for windfarm development in the Kilpatrick Hills. created 13/3/96, modified 20/05/2008 by Dutyhog.