New Scottish Planning Policy on green belts

Margaret Curran announced on 11-8-04 that a new Scottish Planning Policy on green belts will be prepared. The Scottish Executive had sponsored research on Green Belts, to assess the operation and application of the present policy, and advise on changes.

The draft Scottish Planning Policy (SPP) 21: Green Belts was released for public consultation on 5th August 2005. You can read it on a Scottish Executive web page or download a 256kB PDFfile. Responses had to be made by 28th October 2005.

Clydebelt 's response was sent on 24th October. It can be downloaded as a PDF file from here.

First impressions were worrying. Clydebelt delegated someone to join members of other green belt groups in creating the Scottish Green Belts Alliance. A paper on our joint views on policy change, The Future of Green Belts in Scotland, was delivered to the Executive in November 2004, and it may have had some influentce. An electronic copy of the final version (August 2005) is available from this link.

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