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Clydebank Local Plan - Clydebelt objections, reservations or support

15th May 2002

p19 policy GB1 Green Belt

  1. Clydebelt generally supports this policy, which is very similar to that supported in the previous local plan. However we object to the removal of the Green Belt wedge which extends south from Auchentoshan and the Duntocher Burn through Dalmuir Park, including the area north of the Great Western Road around the Duntocher Burn. All of this area should remain Green Belt, and not become "Open Space" or "Public Services" and certainly not be released for housing (as in H1(13) rezoning for 80 houses)

    The principle of Green Belt wedges has been long established, and should not be set aside in this case. Green Belt wedges and fingers into the urban area enable nature conservation and diversity of animals, birds and plants. The area includes a Site of Nature Conservation Importance, it is a Wildlife Corridor, it contains and provides habitats for a diversity of wildlife which should be preserved and should not put at risk by improving access and building more houses.

    The Glasgow and Clyde Valley Structure Plan , effective from 1st May 2002, should be observed, in particular Strategic Policy 1 which requires Local Plans to safeguard the Green Belt. Paragraph 7.23 of the Structure Plan provides for adjustments to the Green Belt boundary if meeting requirements of Strategic Policies 1, 3, 5, and 6, or if an equivalent area of brownfield land is restored for Green Belt purposes - none of these conditions apply to this case. This area is identified as "sensitive inner Green Belt". It should be part of the Green Network which the Structure Plan proposes should be created, to link with and complement the Green Belt, integrating town and country.

    As stated in 6.7 and 6.8 of the final Local Plan, the Structure Plan showed that sufficient land for housing is already available in this part of the region, and there should be no need to redesignate any Green Belt land for housing or other non-agricultural building within the life of this Plan. Clydebelt agrees with para 6.8 of the final Local Plan that there is sufficient vacant and derelict land to protect the Green Belt.

  2. We object to the 4th bullet point : "it forms part of an establishment or institution standing in extensive grounds (such as park land), provided that the development does not adversely affect the countryside character of the area".

    The wording of this point was introduced late into the process of establishing the previous Clydebank District local plan, and Clydebelt objected. This was carried through to the public local inquiry in 19th November 93. As a result of that inquiry, the reporter recommended (in his paragraph 4.29) that a further modification be made to the local plan sewers to read: "It forms part of an establishment or institutions standing in extensive grounds (such as Woodland policies or park land), provided that the development is of limited scale and visual impact, such that the rural character of the area is not adversely affected..."

    This modification would have been acceptable to Clydebelt, but unfortunately the District Council did not adopt it. We therefore object to the wording of the current draft local plan, and proposed wording as recommended by the previous inquiry reported. As we commented in the recent consultation "Getting Involved in Planning" we believe that the scope to depart from Reporter's recommendations should be limited.
  3. We suggest that the 7th bullet point be amended to mention not only the approved structure plan, but also any equivalent in the future (because structure plans may well be superseded well within the lifetime of this local plan).

p19 policy S1 scenic areas

The wording of this policy is similar to the previous a local plan and is entirely satisfactory.

p20 policy SUS1 sustainable development

This new policy is welcomed.

p23 policy GD1 Development control.

This policy is much improved on that of the previous local plan, with more detail, and no Schedule to advice notes which did not seem to exist.

p24 policy GD2 redevelopment opportunities

Although this policy is acceptable, the redevelopment opportunities site at GD1(8) at the Boulevard is one which Clydebelt prefers to retain as a green open space, especially as part of the Green Network alongside the Boulevard. We question whether it can be entirely classified as a former industrial site, and it is vacant, but hardly derelict.

p28 policy LE1 industrial and business use sites within the core economic development area

Because of Clydebelt's concerns about Open Space, Access and Recreation along the entire length of the River Clyde, we propose adding to this policy a phrase is similar to those at the end of policies LE2 and LE3, eg "subject to conformity with other local plan policies".

p30 Policy LE4 access to and environmental quality of industrial estates

We propose that this policy be widened to include the core economic development area and other industrial and business class sites outwith the core economic development area, especially at those sections alongside the River Clyde.

p35 housing

Clydebelt welcomes the assessment in paragraphs 6.7 that any shortfall in the housing market area in the period 1999-2006 would be more appropriately met in other parts of the conurbation outwith the plan area. We are also happy that paragraph 6.8 sets no requirement on Green Belt release within the period 2006-2011.

p37 Policy H1 private housing opportunities

Clydebelt objects to various sites being included in Schedule H1.

  1. We object to any housing at Schedule H1(4) Miller Street which would reduce parking space for visitors to the Library, Town Hall, and council Buildings, or detract from the amenity of the canal walkway.

  2. We object to housing at Schedule H1(8) Kilbowie Road, because it is on wet land that will probably flood, it would lose an opportunity to enhance the entrance to Clydebank for tourists and other visitors with an open space and a display to promote the town, and it would preclude the provision of a slip road which may become necessary

  3. We also object to the inclusion in schedule H1 of Schedule H1(13) Auchentoshan Field. This area between the Boulevard and the park is valued by the community as, and should remain as Green Belt, and not be released for further housing or public services.

  4. We object to housing at Schedule H1(14) Boulevard, because of similar reasons for H1(8) - at least one of these sites should be retained for an enhanced entrance to Clydebank - and also because the site probably contains much dangerous material from the former Singer dumping. If the area were to be rezoned for housing it should be screened from the Boulevard with no access directly from the Boulevard.

p38 Policy H3 social housing opportunities

Clydebelt objects to a site being included in Schedule H2 - H2(8) Durban Avenue. We consider that an open space is needed at this site, the next nearest being too far away.

p57 policies E1 to E7

Clydebelt strongly supports policies E1 to E7 on the environment and we hope that if they are approved they will be vigourously addressed.

p65 open space, access and recreation

Whilst generally welcoming policies R1 to R7, Clydebelt considers that the application of this policy is extremely sensitive and difficult. Balancing different people's values of the countryside and kinds of recreation is not easy. We particularly consider that a new golf course within the Green Belt would be detrimental to the Green Belt.

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