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Extension to Douglas Muir Quarry

Late in 2001 Tarmac Ltd submitted a planning proposal to extend quarrying at Douglas Muir near Craigton. The proposed new workings were to be in three phases.

  1. In a 'basin mire' north of Windyhill Golf Course, a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC)
  2. Farmland to the east of the present site and near Stockiemuir Road.
  3. About half of Mains Plantation another SINC

Clydebelt objected to the removal of the species rich woodland, which is about 150 years old. The proposal was withdrawn and a much modified plan submitted, omitting phase 3. This gave a much-improved Environmental Statement which show very full restoration plans for returning the quarry floor to heath land and lagoons. We have not objected to the new plans.

Douglas Muir has a rare and important high quality sand used in specialised products such as roof tiles. The company own land stretching across the Hardgate/Craigton right of way as far as Edinbarnet.

When the proposed new workings are exhausted we can assume they propose to extend westwards. Most affected by the proximity of the quarrying are the residents of North Baljaffray who have formed the North Baljaffray Action Group. Contact

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