Clydebelt's constitution

as amended at the AGMs on 14th November 1994, 18th November 1996 and 20th May 2003. (Also see a printable version of the constitution.)

1. The name of this organisation shall be Clydebelt.

2. The aims and objectives of this organisation shall be to retain and enhance the natural heritage and Green Belt status of the Kilpatrick Hills and the surrounding environment in Clydebank, Dumbarton, Milngavie, Bearsden and Glasgow, and also the north bank of the River Clyde.

3. Membership shall be open to anyone who agrees with and accepts the aims and objectives of this organisation regardless of race, creed or political persuasion.

4. Membership fees shall be fixed at the Annual General Meeting and shall endure for one year.

5. Minutes shall be kept of all meetings and shall be made available at the following meetings, and circulated to Committee members, electronically if possible. Details of activities, issues and meetings shall be published on Clydebelt's web site

6. A financial report shall be made at every membership and Committee meeting and full accounts will be presented at the AGM. Full financial records shall be available for inspection to any member on written request. Financial records shall be audited annually by two auditors (who shall not be Committee members) appointed by the AGM.

7. Membership meetings shall be held on an ad-hoc basis as issues arise and shall be called under public notice. An Annual General Meeting will be held not before 6 months after, or 18 months later than the previous AGM.

8. A Committee shall be elected from the membership at the AGM and shall be responsible for carrying out the decisions of the membership. Additional or replacement Committee members may be co-opted between membership meetings. The Committee shall meet regularly as required and not less than four times a year. Committee meetings will be open to any member to attend, and non-members may be invited for specific issues.

9. The Committee shall consist of up to twenty members, including office bearers. The office bearers shall be: chairperson, vice-chair, secretary, treasurer, minute-secretary, and publicity-officer. Any Committee member may bear one or two offices.

10.A decision-making quorum shall require ten members at a membership meeting, and four Committee members at a Committee meeting.

11. Voting shall be by a show of hands and open to all members. At a Committee meeting only elected Committee members shall be eligible to vote.

12.Clydebelt can be dissolved only at a quorate AGM or EGM, providing twenty one days notice of this proposal has been given by public notice to the membership. Such a proposal should include provision for disposal of any assets after discharge of liabilities held by, or in the name of the organisation, and any excess will be passed to an organisation with objectives similar to those of Clydebelt.

13.This constitution shall only be amended at a quorate AGM.

14. An EGM can be called by the Committee or by a written resolution signed by ten members, and requires 21 days public notice.

15. Public notice of membership meetings, including AGMs and EGMs, will be in local newspapers and at, and may be supplemented by post, email or hand delivery to members' last-known addresses and by posters in public libraries.

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