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Proposed Modifications to the Clydebank Local Plan

Policy DC 6 Renewable Energy Policy

Favourable consideration will be given to renewable energy development in those locations of the plan where they can be established without detriment to the nature conservation interest of designated Sites and protected species, landscape character of areas designated for their landscape value, the heritage interest of archaeological Sites, conservation areas or listed buildings and providing it does not have a significant visual impact.


Proposals for renewable energy development will be considered against the Key Goals of the plan and Policy GB1 and should have regard to:

Such proposals will be subject to appropriate conditions to ensure there is no noise nuisance to residential and noise sensitive properties attributable to the development

In accordance with national and strategic policy, renewable sources of energy should be developed where appropriate opportunities arise. It is recognised that certain types of development such as wind farms may have a detrimental impact on areas of nature conservation and landscape quality and it is appropriate that they be generally guided to other parts of the plan area. Where they are appropriate in principle it will be necessary to consider other material facts and if necessary take mitigating action. The above policy indicates the factors which require consideration when assessing renewable energy applications.

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