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Sunk in Bowling Harbour

Clydebelt members attended a packed Public Meeting held by the Milton & Bowling Community Council in March 1996. We agreed with criticisms published by their Sub-committee of the outline development application by Morrison Homes for residential, retail and tourist development around Bowling Harbour.

It was a bad plan on grounds of housing, amenity, nature conservation, employment and economics. We objected, and also wrote to all West Dunbartonshire Councillors.

On June 4th we went round the site with the Planning Committee, and continued our objections at a public meeting that followed in the Napier Hall. The Bowling people submitted a complete survey of public opinion - overwhelmingly against the plan.

Our efforts succeeded - on 26th June, against the Planning Officer's recommendation, a huge majority of the full Council turned it down.

Harbour plan returned in post

In late 1996 the Scottish Office held a Postal Inquiry on Morrison Homes' appeal against the refused application for residential, retail and tourist development around Bowling Harbour.

Clydebelt wrote a detailed case to the Reporter on why the appeal should be rejected, but in May 1997 he allowed it.

We strongly disapprove of the postal system, where developers can afford to submit "expert" opinion of our postal arguments, but we have no chance to cross-question them in a Public Inquiry.

By July 1998 there has still been no start to the development, but British Waterways Board seem to be in more control of any changes to the the canal and harbour now that the Millennium Fund is providing cash for reinstating this link to the east coast.

Clydebelt supported Bowling people who successfully campaigned in September 1999 against a new application by Morrison Homes and British Waterways, this time for another 90 houses plus a hotel by the canal basin. West Dunbartonshire Council rejected it, as did the Scottish Executive in May 2000 in response to an appeal.

Morrison's 1996 appeal to the Scottish Executive still allowed them to build houses nearer to the Saltings. But they didn't submit the required detailed plans until days after their 3 year deadline, and they were quite incomplete. Local planners still wanted to accept them, and Bowling Community Council have asked the Local Government Ombudsman to rule this out.

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